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Northport Elementary School
Progressing with Pride to be the Best We can Be!
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Message from the Principal

Our grade 5 DARE program wrapped up today (Friday June 19) with a fun celebration. Big thanks to our very own Constable Ian Clark  for running our program again this year. Pictured here are our graduates and a picture of Ian Clark with DARE essay winner Evrim Dereli.


Mr. L's grade 4/5 class with the help of Ms. Ewing performed a wonderful play for the school today.  It was called 'Character Matters."  The play was based on a fairy tale convention where characters could come to get advice from the council.  In the clips below, goldilocks is asking forgiveness from the three bears, and Jack is working out his differences with the Green Giant!

Here is a link to our SCC Facebook Page.  CLICK HERE

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